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Audio mixing

Mixing is the stage of creating the final recording from individual recorded tracks, the next stage of creating a phonogram after sound recording, which consists in selecting and editing the original recorded tracks, combining them into a single project and processing with effects.
Two revisions are allowed and free of charge.

Vocal processing
and mixing
If you need to mix your voice with the provided musical audio track (beat), process the vocal with additional effects, remove unnecessary recording artifacts (hissing consonants and etc.).
Vocal tuning is not included in the cost of processing, it is discussed individually.
High-quality recorded vocals and musical material are accepted for work. Poor quality material will not give good results, and will not meet the expectations of the customer.
The studio has the opportunity to record vocals on a professional SOYUZ 017 FET condenser microphone.
Payment is hourly.
Mastering for streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify has its own characteristics associated with maintaining the dynamics of the work, the absence of distortion and overloaded sound.
Mastering for vinyl has its own characteristics associated with the technical limitations of vinyl, as well as with the specifics of its production.
You provide demo material and a reference song as an example of how you would like your song to sound. The price depends on the complexity of the composition, the instruments used (e.g. guitars) and the
requirements of the artist.
An individual agreement is concluded on the related rights of both parties as part of the co-producing project.
Our team
We are professionals in our business,
we provide the best service
and make our customers happy
Ilnaz Tarkhanov
Studio founder and director, music producer, mixing and mastering engineer
Dance music producer who has been releasing music under Cramp alias since 2008 (Anjunabeats label).
In 2018, he opened a studio in the center of Kazan to devote himself entirely to working with both Russian and foreign artists and labels. In 2020, the music label "Sound Workshop" was opened on the technical base of the studio, which became a launching pad for artists such as AILI, Ruslan Sibirsky, Tejat, tvoi siluet.
Today, Ilnaz works closely with such artists as Mars Needs Lovers, Ommage, with the labels such as Yummy Music, Soviett, and also took part as a curator and producer in the local Kazan TatCult Lab festival in 2018 and 2021.
Anton Make
Studio co-founder, music producer, mastering engineer, DJ

Anton Make - one of the most worthy Russian adherents of progressive sound according to MixMag Russia magazine.
Anton's music tends to be atmospheric, melodic, as well as the most delicious elements of deep house, techno and tribal music. Releases on the most worthy labels representing the new generation of progressive house, as well as the support of top-notch stars: Hernan Catania, Guy Jay, Nick Warren, Markus Schulz, Seed Ink, Darin Epsilon, Ilky Klein and many others, make Anton a powerful force in development this direction on the world, electronic scene.
In addition to writing music, Anton is mastering club material in our team, and currently works with such a well-known dance label as Mango Alley
Iwa Isachenko
Musical illustrator, designer.

Author of over 150 original art covers.
Check portfolio

Iwa has designed covers for artists such as Mars Needs Lovers, a date, Amor Entrave, tvoi siluet, temafeed and for Soviett music labels, Sound Workshop and Human Turbines. Designed pictures for social networks: Sansara, BAH.ROMA, Murakami, Tequilajazz, Mumiy Troll
Photo: Finalist "Delphic Games"; Prize-winner of the Russian Art Week;
Illustrations in books: a collection of poems by Sasha Gagarin "Souteneur"; book "Trzebnickie anioly"; collection of poems by Vanya Pinzhenin "Borisych".
Exhibitions: A series of photo exhibitions in St. Petersburg with the project "Iw & Ka": "Diffusion", "Love, when good people feel bad", "A series of photographs based on poems by Jim Morrison", etc.; A series of photo exhibitions with the project "Filmstrips" in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Odessa; participant of the recycling festival in Krasnoyarsk
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